Season review puttin on the nyx div 1

Alrighty here we go…

Lets start with that im not made for div 1 i think. My gameplay sucked. My communication sucked. I sucked. Maybe thats also why i didnt have quite as much fun as in the other seasons ive played so far. I missed a bit of friendly banter, talking about w/e stuff and the just the feels of being a team.

lets go pos 5 Delora.

Its his first season and i think he really fits into rd2l. He is friends with some big chad boys and knows how to use all chat onto them. POG. I didnt lane with him but i think our safelanes worked out pretty well and no one complained about his spell usage so ill take that as a chad pos 5. Ty for season ^^

Pos 4 tammyB

We started off with a few different opinions how the lane should work and i didnt know if we’d work well together this season. But after a while he is the dude i talked to most i think and we made it work. His pos 4 willow and Lion are super deadly and he made some clutch plays. I like this dude, hope to play with him again some other time.

pos 3PraiseTM (me)

Im really dissappointed of my performance this season. I think i fucked up way too often and i dont really have an excuse. Playing 2 heros mostly didnt really help my confidence either. I think im a grower not a shower and have to grow into a team more or less. Not pushing any responsibilty of me tho i played like real shit. Sry guys.

pos 2 Graciboy

I really like grac. Having played a few pubs with him apart from officials i can say i really enjoy playing and talking with him. He plays the mid lane really well and i cant complain about anything tbh. (sry for building armlet on lc kekw)

pos 1 ligbank

Im not really sure what drives this guy. His Dota is the best ive ever played with and he knows what to do. He also tries to force his team to make shit happen without him babysitting everything. A lot of people can learn from him imo. He knew how to get us into the finals by himself, and didnt really care after that (im sorry if i misinterpreted stuff) I think he is a huge ton of fun to play with if he thinks his team is on a similiar skill lvl but i kinda felt shitty getting told how bad i am(which i am and i know). Super impressive guy overall.

To get this farce to an end i didnt feel like i had any impact on how this season went and im sorry for that. ggs to the winners of the season u deserve it.